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  • What kind of Bait do you offer?
    During Summer we try to stock wax worms,night crawlers, Redtrout worms, Speck minnows and crickets. During Winter we try and stock wax worms, night crawler, Redtrout worms, speck walleye and pike minnows as well as red and white spikes. ***************STOCK DEPENDS ON AVAILABILITY***********
  • When do you need to do a tune up?
    We Recomend a tune up once a season on lawnmowers other hand held power equipment we recomend once a season also.
  • What kind of gasoline do i use in my  Equipment?
    We highly recomend recreational gasoline or STIHL moto mix
  • What kind of warrenty do you offfer?
    Our STIHL products come with a standard 1yr or 2yr standard warranty. Simplicity and Husqvarna come with a 3yr warranty
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